Who is behind the opposition to Measure 15-119?

The opposition to Measure 15-119 is controlled by a high-priced Portland PR firm and funded by out-of-county corporations and special interests that do not live in Jackson County, yet are calling themselves the “Good Neighbor Farmers” PAC.  

They have shattered all county campaign finance records and have received more than 97% of their funding from outside our county. They are definitely not our neighbors and they’re using their more than $800,000 in out-of-county campaign cash to try to scare and mislead voters with claims that are just not true.

Who are the "Good Neighbor Farmers PAC" really?

The largest contributors to the opposition campaign are global chemical corporations including:

  • Monsanto  $183,294
  • DuPont  $129,647
  • Syngenta  $75,000
  • Bayer CropScience  $22,352
  • Dow AgroSciences  $22,352
  • BASF Plant Science  $22,352  

These chemical corporations dumped over $450,000 in a single day to the opposition campaign. The opposition has raised more than $830,000 as a part of their attempt to scare and confuse voters with a host of claims that are just not true.  

For comparison, the previous county spending record on a ballot measure was $111,000. Jackson County has never experienced the level of TV and radio political bull being dished out on behalf of these out-of-county interests.

Why are the global chemical giants fighting 15-119?

These corporations sell herbicides and pesticides. They own the patents on genetically engineered crops that are designed to be grown with high levels of the herbicides each of these corporations make.  

So it’s no surprise these interests don’t like Measure 15-119. But they know they can’t just come out and say,

“We’re multi-billion dollar chemical corporations and you should vote ‘no’ to protect our corporate profits.” 

Instead, they are trying to disguise themselves local farmers and are making patently false claims about Measure 15-119.

Do these out-of-state corporations really care about our county budget when they claim 15-119 would have a high enforcement cost? No.

Do they really care about the rights of local property owners? No. 

The real threat to property rights is the fact that seed and pollen from genetically engineered crops can trespass onto a farmer's property and destroy his crop.

That's why local farmers Jared and Hannah Watters have decided to stop growing genetically engineered crops. They learned about the harm these crops can do to other farmers, and they don't want their crops to trespass onto other farmers' fields and impact their livelihoods. That's just how a true good neighbor acts.

And that's why over 150 local family farms and the Jackson County Grange support the measure. The Jackson County Grange is the oldest farm-based organization in the county, and represents the entire county.

Don't buy their political bull. Vote YES on Measure 15-119 to protect Jackson County family farmers and our community from the risks of genetically engineered crops.

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